Marrying Betty

I didn't think I would be continuing stories about Betty and other things but here I am at my computer punching keys hoping to complete the trilogy of Betty by writing a final story entitled "Marrying Betty". I have listed things I can write about but I haven't arranged them in any order and I'm still in quandry how to proceed. Anyway here's a list that comes to mind. Some duplication of other writings may occur.


Betty and I had decided that we would get married sometime in the year (1952), and started thinking of what was involved, such as visiting potential in-laws, informing friends, and even making honeymoon plans. Forty-eight years later, in the year 2000, I see that my list of things to do preparing for marriage is microscopic compared to my son Dave's and his fiancee's, who are doing the same types of things, only on a more grandiose scale.

Making wedding plans

Making wedding plans involved visiting our parents. Betty met my folks twice before the wedding, once in Bremerton and once in Mullan. (I only met Betty's folks in Alton, Illinois, after the wedding. Betty's folks didn't make it here for the wedding. It was some time after the wedding they came to Bremerton to visit our daughter "Susie" (Karen), and, of course, Susie's parents.) Ralph McCotter was my best man, and Esther Kiehn was Betty's maid of honor. After the ceremony, Evelyn and Bill Mortland hosted a reception.

(For our honeymoon, we just went up to Canada and back.)

Mom adds: "We got married in November, I quit the Navy in September (after two years -- that was all I had to be in as a Reserve), then we took a trip to Alton and dad met my folks. I was pregnant with Karen, and we found out on the way back."

This was not due to doctors, but because she got sick with morning sickness.

Some ideas:
Betty returns..from her vacation to Illinois
Taking Betty to meet my parents in Mullan
Who attended the wedding
Visitors or guests
My visit to Betty's folks in Illinois

When I finish this writing I can go back to the other two and finish them.